Lab Handouts

Lab #1. Lithography and Fabrication of PDMS Microchannels (Design of Photomask Using L-Edit)

Lab #2. Microchannel Transport Properties Using Fluorescent Beads and/or DNA Molecules

Lab #3. Introduction to AFM and Dip-Pen Nanolithography

Lab #4. Design of RF MEMS Switches Using ANSYS Multiphysics

Lab #5. Actuation of RF MEMS Switches; Time Response, Signal Characteristics

Lab #6. Nanoindentation of Quartz, Aluminum Single Crystals and Diamond Thin Films

Lab #7. Assessing the Characteristics of Surface and Bulk Micromachined Accelerometers

Final Project #1. Manipulation of Microbeads Using DC/AC Electrical Fields

Final Project #2. Testing of MEMS Materials Using Thermal Actuation, AFM Image Correlation and Capacitance Measurements