• Introduction
RF MEMS switch (PDF)
Accelerometer (PDF)
Microengine (PDF1, PDF2)
Digital Micromirror (PDF1, PDF2, PDF3,PDF4)
Nano Fountain Probe (PDF)
Nano Scale Mechanical Testing (PDF)
  • E-Books
"Microsystem Design," S.D. Senturia, Kluwer, 2002
"MEMS Handbook," Edited by M. Gad-El-Hak, CRC Press, 2002
"Fundamentals and Applications of Microfluidics," N.-T. Nguyen, Artech House, 2002
  • Scaling Law
Scaling in MEMS (PDF)
Moore's Law (PDF)
On Being Small (PDF)
Life's Device (PDF)
There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom
  • Microfabrication technology - CMOS
Introduction to Microelectronic Fabrication (PDF)
Process Integration (PDF)
RF MEMS Switch (PDF)
MUMPS Design Template(PDF)
  • Micromechanical Testing
Fracture (PDF)
Bulge Test (PDF)
Nanoindentation 1 (PDF)
Nanoindentation 2 (PDF)
M-Test (PDF)
Resonance Test (PDF)
Micro-Tesile Test (PDF)
  • Microfluidics
Review (PDF)
Gas Chromatographic Air Analyzer (PDF)
Liquid Chromatograph (PDF)
Electroosmotic Pumping (PDF)
Valveless Pump (PDF)