• Final Project Guideline
                     Guideline for Fall 2002 (PDF)
  • Final Projects (Fall 2007)
* Three-Dimensional Dielectrophoresis Device with Integrated Actuating and Impedance Sensing
Michael Beltran, Robert Lam, Bryan Lochman (PDF, PPT)
* The Role of MEMS in Endovascular Pressure Sensors
Niels Black, Jonathan Brickley, Charles Wang (PDF, PPT)
* Microcantilever-based Biodetection
Huan Hu, Ben Murphy, Sylvester Ogletree (PDF, PPT)
* Analysis of Thermo-Pneumatic and Piezoelectric Actuation in MEMS- based Micropumps for Biomedical Applications
Kenneth D'Aquila, Sean Tseng (PDF, PPT)
  • Final Projects (Fall 2006)
* Measuring Cell Adhesion Using MEMS Technology
Stewart Bewley, William Howerton, Jeffrey Mills, Matthew Tanke (PDF, PPT)
* Geometrically Optimized mPAD Device for Cell Adhesion
Richard Besen, Albert Leung, Feng Yu, Yan Zhao (PDF, PPT)
* Cell Adhesion Study Using MEMS and Digital Image Correlation
Keith Gall, Tareef Jafferi, Matthew Schwabauer (PDF, PPT)
* A Novel MEMS Platform for a Cell Adhesion Tester
Ethan Abernathey, Jeffrey Butz, Ningli Yang (PDF, PPT)
  • Final Projects (Fall 2004)
bio-mems BioMEMS Implantable Drug Delivery Systems
Aaron Alexander, Luke Rogers, Dan Sheehan, Brent Willson (PDF, PPT)
dna-chip Compliant Mechanisms
Ravi Agrawal, Binoy Shah, and Eric Zimney(PDF, PPT
space_elevator AC Electrokinetics and Nanotechnology
Shaun Elder, Will Gathright, Ben Levy, Wen Tu (PDF, PPT
bio-mems MEMS Gyroscope
Aaron Berg, Azeem Meruani, Michael Wickmann, Robert Sandhienrich (PDF, PPT)
dna-chip Tribology Concerns in MEMS Devices: The Materials and Fabrication Techniques Used to Reduce Them
David Brass, Dan Fuller, Jim Lovsin (PDF, PPT
dna-chip Tunneling Accelerometers
Samantha Cruz, Kevin Lee, Deepak Ponnavolu (PDF, PPT
Rui Qiao and Xiaohui Tan (PDF, PPT
    Selected Final Projects from Previous Years

Selected Final Projects (Fall 2003)

bio-mems Bio-MEMS Devices to Monitor Neural Electrical Circuitry
Andres Huertas, Michele Panico, Shuming Zhang (PDF, PPT)
dna-chip DNA Chips: MicroArrays and Emerging Nanotechnologies
Rahpael Anstey, Matthieu Chardon, Travis Harper(PDF, PPT
space_elevator Space Elevator
Chris Biedrzycki, Ned Cameron, Mike Gruener, Erick Haro (PDF, PPT

Selected Final Projects (Fall 2002)

Microrocket Micro Rockets
Nik Hrabe, Albert Hung, Josh Mehling, Arno Merkle (PDF, PPT)
Gyroscope Micromachined Vibrating Gyroscopes: Design and Fabrication
Kimberly S. Elliott, Parag Gupta, Kyle B. Reed, Raquel C. Rodriguez (PDF, PPT
Nanosatellite Nanosatellite Communication and MEMS Technology
Nick Pohlman, Jeremy Opperer and Patrick Schubel (PDF, PPT
Wettability switching Dynamic Wettability Switching by Surface Roughness Effect
Bo He, Hang Cheng, Hongzhou Jiang (PDF, PPT
Microcavity Lasers Microcavity Lasers for Cancer Cell Detection
Aaron Gin, Kathryn Mayes, Ryan McClintock, Will McBride (PDF, PPT
Alex Application of MEMS in Optobionics: Retinal Implant 
Alessandro Beghini  (PDF, PPT

Selected Final Projects (Spring 2002)

Cellular Separation Cellular Separation via Dielectrophoretic Field-Flow-Fractionation
Keith Dvorkin (PDF
surface tension Surface Tension Driven Transport Using Roughness
Nitin Sharma, Shreyas Mandre and Yong Chen (PDF)

Selected Final Projects (Winter 2001)

Neurostimulating Investigations in Deep Brain Stimulation: Neurostimulating Electrodes
Tom Chiesl, Eric Faulring, Elizabeth Nunamaker, and Jonathan Yuen (PDF, PPT

Selected Final Projects (Spring 2000)
Microchip Microchip for Drug Delivery
Ramille M. Capito and Leah A. Lucas (PDF, PPT
Nanolithography From Ink-Jet Technology to Nano Array Writing Technology
Szu-Kang Hsien and Ayodeji O. Coker (PDF, PPT
3-D Fiber 3-D Fiber Alignment for Free-Space Micro-Optical Multiplexer
Mark Campo, Zachary Homrighaus, and James Hulvat (PDF
SAM Friction Reduction in Micro-motors Using Self-Assembled Monolayers
Yong Zhu, Joel Gregie & Prad Prabhumirashi (PDF, PPT