The Manipulation of a Robotic Joint to Mimic human Motion

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            A one degree-of-freedom joint that mimics the movement of a human finger was designed. This joint is controlled via a glove with bend sensitive material mounted across the middle finger joint, using data acquisition code written in LabVIEW. The system is monitored and controlled to implement a real time, master-slave control system to move a mechanical joint based on the movements of an operator's hand.

Experimental set-up: joint, servo-motor, "finger", glove

LabVIEW Program for control and monitoring of the "finger" movement

Electric circuit based on LM741 chip

LabVIEW based digital interface: monitors "finger" angle and the joint angle

Produced by Adam Hoskinson, Josh Mehling, Elena Wapner, Jeremy Young - December 2001 - Prof. Espinosa, ME224