Selected Final Projects (Fall 2001)

1. "Response of the Pelvis to Side Impact"  byBurleise Bailey, Sara Cantor, Ryan Jeffers,  Bryan Mills (PDF, PPT formats)

2.  "In Situ Thermal Measurements for Estimation of RelativeMetabolic Utilization in Skeletal Muscle"  byAyan Bagchi,Ahmad Dialdin,  Laura Evans, Junhyck Kim (PDF, PPT formats)

3. "Effect of Temperature on Accelerometer Position Sensors"by Cassandra Eggett, Jeffrey Lutsey David Pakula, Fernando Zumbado (PDF, PPT formats)

Selected Final Projects (Spring 2002)

1. SunRayceN'Energy Car Suspension Analysis by Alexander Ellis, Ian Harrison, LarsMoravy, and Jonathon Walker

2. Closed-LoopRotational Speed Control of Cooling Fan by David Choi, Jay Gainer,Shad Laws, Karl Stensvad

3. TheManipulation of a Robotic Joint to Mimic Human Motion by AdamHoskinson, Josh Mehling, Elena Wapner, Jeremy Young


Selected Final Projects (Spring 2003)

1. “Closed LoopAmbient Light Control,” by Aida Ralat and Drew Witte (PDF, PPT formats)

2. “The TemperatureControl Window,” by Matt Aldeman and Chase Bill (PDF, PPT formats)

3. “Lie Detector,”by Tim Fleck, Mike Gruener, Brian Halaburka and Chris Moskaites (PDF, PPT formats)

4. “Self-TuningMusical Water Chime,” by Mickey Heynen, Beth Lopour and Tyler Smith (PDF, PPT formats)

5. “LinearPositioning Device,” by Chris Biedrzycki and Tony Swanson (PDF, PPT formats)


Selected Final Projects (Spring 2004)

1. “Robotic Control with Gyroscopic Sensing,” by Alex Ahmadi, JohnHoffman, Andres Huertas, Azeem Meruani, Simcha Singer (PDF, PPT formats)


Selected Final Projects (Spring 2005)

1. “Robotic Control with Gyroscopic Sensing,” by Stefan Bracher, Jason Lintker and Fabian Wittmer (PDF, PPT formats)

2. “Boe-bot Control with Gyroscopic Sensing,” by Nikolaus Ehrensberger, Javier Gallegos, Charles Sharp, Carlo J. Sollami and Jamie Wright (PDF, PPT formats)

3. “Boe-bot Control with Gyroscopic Sensing,”by Kendra Armstrong, Nick Eccles, Cary Maguire, Alex Taam and Paul Williams (PDF, PPT formats)

4. “Path following Robot with Gyroscopic sensing,” by James Lovsin, Erica Morales, Dan Sheehan and Josh Widzer (PDF, PPT formats)


Selected Final Projects (Fall 2005)

1. “Wireless Control of a Boe-Bot,” by Tom Cohlmia, Scott Moffat, Ashley Nidiffer, Eric Yim (PDF, PPT formats)

2. “Wirelessly Controled Boe-Bot With MEMS Gyroscopic Sensing,” by Andres Fausto, Stewart Bewley, Philip Dawsey, Ki Baek Eom (PDF, PPT formats)

3. “Robotic Control with Bluetooth Wireless Communication,”by David Macedonia, David Storch, Adam Same, Norbert Wroblewski (PDF, PPT formats)

4. “Real Time Boe-Bot Control,” by Joni Stegeman, Ingrid Lin, Giovanni Wuisan, Patrick Luckow, Brent Willson (PDF, PPT formats)