The Micro and Nano Mechanics Laboratory focuses broadly on understanding the behavior of materials at extremes. At ultra-small scales, unique and often surprising changes in material properties arise (e.g., giant piezoelectric effects, dramatic increases in stiffness). Fundamental experimental/computational investigations enable us to identify and explain the underlying mechanisms for the observed phenomena. We then exploit these unique properties to build high-performance nanoelectronic and energy harvesting systems, and improve the performance of composite materials. At high strain rates, materials and structures exhibit a variety of dynamic failure phenomena. Through dynamic experiments and large-scale simulations, we characterize the blast energy absorption or reflection of various materials and structures. Then through minimum weight design and informed material fabrication, we can dramatically improve the blast resistivity of these armor systems.


Research Thrusts: 

  1. Electromechanical Properties of Nanowires
  2. Nanocomposites and Bioinspired Materials
  3. Single-Cell Studies and Biomechanics
  4. Nano-Electronics
  5. Multiscale Modeling
  6. Dynamic Failure of Materials



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